Increasing Efficiency With Labeling Techniques

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Commercial labeling is one of the most important steps in package manufacturing. Many custom product labels are printed separately and attached to the package after it has been manufactured and before it is filled. This can cause a delay in product shipping, as empty packages take up space waiting to be labelled. Fortunately, there are two simple custom product labeling solutions to this problem, eliminating the need to separately affix labels and saving time.

The first label solution is in mold labeling. The in mold labeling process adheres the label to the packaging as it is being manufactured, instead of after the fact. A label is printed and brought into the mold of the machine, where it adheres to the plastic as it is injected into the mold. Then, when the package comes out of the machine, the label is already attached and the package is ready to move on to be filled. In mold labeling is frequently utilized for detergent bottles and plastic tubs of food like margarine and chocolate milk mix.

Shrink sleeve labels are attached in a similar manner, but the package manufacture is complete when the label is applied. Once a package has been manufactured, it moves to a new machine, where a shrink sleeve label is slipped over the packaging. Heat is applied, causing the label to shrink and mold to the contours of the package, no matter how oddly it is shaped. Shrink sleeve labels are a popular option for soda bottles and cans, yogurt containers, and cleaning supplies.

While in mold labeling and shrink sleeve labels are versatile labeling choices, there will always be certain packages that are unsuited to in mold and shrink sleeve labeling. Because these packages are more likely to take longer to move out of manufacturing facilities, it is important to utilize more efficient labeling processes whenever possible. This will help prevent backlog and overcrowding as packages wait to be filled and shipped out.

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