Three Ways Shrink Sleeve Labels Improve Business

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Food packaging labels

Products come in all shapes and sizes, creating a challenge for label manufacturers charged with the responsibility of creating custom product labels suitable for all kinds of different containers. Bottles are one type of product in particular that are often oddly shaped and can be extra difficult to find an adequate label for. One of the best solutions to an oddly shaped bottle is to use shrink sleeve labels for packaging purposes. These labels conform to the shape of the bottle when heat is applied to them, making them the perfect fit. There are a number of factors that make shrink sleeves for bottles the ideal choice, including:

  1. Tamperproof Seal – One of the most beneficial uses of shrink sleeves for bottles is that they can be designed to provide a tamperproof seal over the bottle cap. By adding a little extra material to the top of the label, the label can be shrunken down so that it forms a seal over the cap. Customers who buy these bottles can tell if someone has opened them already if the seal has been broken. This is provides an indication to not buy or use the product. Shrink sleeve labels provide any extra layer of safety to packaging.
  2. Perfect Coverage – Another nice thing about shrink sleeves for bottles is that they cover 360 degree around the bottle. This means there are no awkward spaces left after the label is applied. Not only can these labels wrap around the circumference of the bottle, they can also be designed to cover the full height of the bottle. This gives clients more room to choose how big or small they want the label to be and how much of the bottle they want it to cover.
  3. More Marketing Space – Since shrink sleeve labels wrap all the way around the way around a container, they provide more room for clients to add marketing content to the label. Bottles that contain food or drinks must contain information like ingredients, allergens and nutrition facts, all of which take up space on the label. Having more room on the label gives clients more room to add their own information and material, helping them attract customers and build brand awareness.

With their 360 degree design and ability to cover an entire container, shrink sleeve labels are a great labeling option for bottles and other oddly shaped products.

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