How Custom Product Labeling Will Put You Ahead of Your Competitors

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For the business owner just starting out, it can be tough to establish your product in a market already flooded with similar items. How do you get your product to stand out from the rest? How do you make your customers remember to choose your product over countless competitors? The answer, believe it or not, may lay in custom product labeling.
Though it may seem too simplistic of a solution, custom product labeling is a common and largely successful marketing tactic that sees remarkable return of investment (ROI). The reasons for this lay largely in branding psychology. When a company has an established custom product label, with a distinct and telling logo, customers become familiar with the iconography. The iconography then in a way transcends the product itself, becoming a part of the customer’s lifestyle. In turn, when the customer sees custom product labels, they will be reminded of the company and keep them in mind the next time they are making a purchase. This can be seen very clearly with food product labels, with brands like Coca-Cola. Coca-cola’s custom product labeling has been iconic across the globe. With t-shirts, advertisements, shrink sleeves for bottles, and billboards telling us that Coca-Cola is the best soda, when a consumer is craving a soft drink, what will they likely choose? Their custom food packaging labels have effectively established authority in their brand, making their soft drink the go-to choice in the soda world.
Even if your company is nowhere near Coca-Cola’s level of prestige, custom product labels can, and are proven to help consumers remember your brand and lead to increased sales. In a recent survey, 84% of Americans reported remembering a company after receiving promotional gifts with the company’s custom product labels on them. The more exposure consumers have to your custom brand, the more likely they will reach for your product over competitors’.

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