What Big Construction Companies Have that You Don’t


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The bigger the company, the more technology you have to work with. It’s like that in every industry and construction is no different. It’s not like every commercial construction company just has a bunch of nails and 2x4s to build things. Construction is actually pretty high-tech and these are the technologies that you could be missing out on if you opt out of doing business with big industrial construction companies.

Laser Technology
Laser levels lessen the staff time required to set and check grades, which increases accuracy. Framing and drywall crews using lasers as building guides increase productivity and bring down the number of errors. For example, general contractor company with laser technology can avoid issues such as walls being out of plumb.

3D Printing
Some 3D-printing building technology are already printing 2 metres of material each hour. That means that if they work around the clock, they can produce an entire building in just one week. Big construction companies are lucky enough to have access to items like 3D printers. So, as long as your are alright with a computer taking a person’s job, you can get it on the cheap!

Green Technology
Once a company gets larger, it can start to sacrifice some profit in the name of ethics. This is where green building and design comes in. Industrial construction companies may offer the opportunity to build with low-impact building materials are used wherever possible. For example, insulation made of low VOC (volatile organic compound). This way, your home is friendlier to the environment. Smaller residential construction companies have to watch the bottom line much more closely. They may not be familiar with these expensive but green options.

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