Organize Your Whole House With a Simple Solution – Laser Labels!

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Chances are, your life could use a little more organizing. Your day-to-day operations go by much more smoothly when all your things are organized and everything has a place. What common office product could you use for nearly any organizational project? Laser labels, of course! You know, the kind you load into your computer?s printer? Print anything on these guys for a perfectly labeled life. Check out these three great uses for laser inkjet labels.

  1. Labeling binders
    3 ring binders are a great tool for organizing files, cards, coupons, recipes, and a multitude of other things. Use laser labels to clearly mark each binder so you know what?s inside without having to open each one. If you have several binders on a shelf stowed away, label the spine of the binder so you can read the contents without even needing to pull the binder out of its place. This way, you can order them alphabetically, or by category if you so choose!
    Laser labels come in all shapes and sizes, so you can even print out a label for that little ring binder you have. Even small 3 ring binders need a label of their own!
  2. Labeling storage bins
    Most households have loads of bins in their garage or basement. These bins are often holding all of the things you don?t use on a daily basis, so it?s easy to forget what was in each one. How can you tell what?s inside? Laser labels can tag each bin without having to write on the bin directly. It?s a quick and easy way to mark your Christmas ornaments from your extra linens, and all you have to do is peel and stick!
  3. Label chests of drawers
    Multi-drawer storage units are great for home organization. They come in many shapes and sizes and can hold anything from art supplies to clothes. Your possibilities are limitless! Even though the drawers themselves do a pretty good job or organizing, how can you take it to the next level? You can use a laser label to mark each drawer so you?ll never forget what?s inside. No need to constantly open and close each drawer while you?re trying to find what you?re looking for! Laser labels streamline any process to help you find exactly what you need in an instant.

Got any other ideas for our favorite labeling solution? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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