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It’s that time of year again. The time when you spend too much money on supplies you know your children are going to lose, destroy or never even use it all. But it’s on the school supply list and so they have to have it which means you have to buy it. This time, however, you’ve decided you’re not going to procrastinate. You are not going to wait until the last minute and end up scurrying around the stores picking up the supplies that are left along with the other frantic parents who have left things to the last second as well. So you pack up your things, load the kids in the car and head off to the stores. But even on the way there you start to realize leaving the house was a mistake. Your four year old gave the two year old the rest of his squeezable pouch smoothie and as you glance in your review mirror to check on them you realize that your two year old is now covered in strawberry banana mush. At least you have wipes with you. You try to get your 13 year old’s attention to get the wipes and clean the two year old but the 13 year old has headphones in his ears and can not hear a word you are saying. You decide not to get stressed and you’ll clean up the two year old yourself once you get there. Five minutes later the four year old starts to cry because he’s hungry because he shared his smoothie with his sister. Was this all worth it for some spiral bound graph paper notebook pages and printable sticker labels? That was just the car ride to the store. We are not even going to go into what happened once you got to the store but let’s just say by the time you got home you had maybe two items from the list and are dreading having to leave the house ever again.

Well, I have good news for you. You can shop for all of your back-to-school supplies online. From a 3 ring binder to wholesale bubble envelopes you can buy at all from the comfort of your own home. Because you have not left it to the last minute, you won’t need to pay for expedited shipping so you’ll save a little money also.

In fact, the reason you didn’t see a lot of back to school shoppers is because more than one third of them say they plan to do their shopping online.

Another benefit to shopping online is that you can compare prices and don’t have to grab the first item that you see. You can shop around without tiring out the children, having to buy lunch or coffee and the best part is the entire time you are sitting down. It can’t get much better than that. See a 3 ring binder you might like? Click and buy and your 3 ring binder is on its way.

Trust me, after you shop for all of these things online, you may never go shopping again; not for school supplies, not for clothes, maybe not even for groceries.

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