3 Kinds Of Office Supplies You Can Use To Organize

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When you feel like your life is a little more mess and stress than clean and clear, it’s time for an office supplies overhaul. Using basic office supplies, you can organize your space, giving you more room to work in peace, and more space to plan your next big project. Here are just a few of the ways that you can turn your office supplies into organizational assets that will make your life easier and your space cleaner.

Bubble MailersBubble mailers can make sorting all of your bills and receipts easier than ever. Use a basic bubble mailer to hold all of your important receipts, coupons, or anything else that you may need up and off of your desk. Be careful not to sort anything that may be mistaken for mail; you wouldn’t want to accidentally ship off all of your tax return forms or your fast food receipts.

3 Ring Binders – A 3 ring binder can make a great tool for any organizational task. You can use binders, or small binder rings, to make calendars, organize important notes and paperwork, or anything else you need to have handy, organized, and ready to go. You can use binders to make catalogs of your books, music, and movies, so that you know exactly where everything is, and can keep it all in order and accounted for.

Binder Clips – If you’re sick of the tangle of wires and cords behind your computer or TV, look at how binder clips can help you get things sorted out. Using these clips to isolate and identify the specific chords, as well as keep them in place on the desk, can save you the extra hassle of having to untangle them later. It will also save you from having to crawl around under the desk to find the exact wire you’re looking for. There it is, labeled and ready to go.

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