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Is Your Company Searching for a New HR Executive?

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Human resource staffing

As you read the posting this morning on social media, it really started to sink in. After just five years with your company your top marketing director is leaving the company. It is a major disappointment.
Not just because she was excellent at her job, but because it was expensive and time consuming to bring her onboard and to train her in the specific details of the elderly home care environment. Working with a trained staff of care providers while you also recruit and serve families with several options for their care choices is a very unique setting. Replacing her will not be easy. It will be the first staffing challenge for your new human resources (HR) executive. With proper vetting this new hiring and benefits executive will quickly find a qualified marketing candidate who is committed to st

Designing Decisions How You Can Persuade With Great Package Design

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Rollstock packaging

If you don’t think your liquid pouch packaging design matters, think again. Here’s what you don’t know.

You have seconds to convince and convert consumers. - The race to be the brand who convinces and converts a consumer is as fast-paced as it is short. Multiple studies have found that the average consumer spends just 13 seconds purchasing a product while in the store. The Internet isn’t much better. The average online consumer spends 19 seconds making a purchase, and the majority spent less than 10 seconds. In other words, you need to be as brief and convincing as possible.

People aren’t going to pay attention for very long. - You could go on and on all day about why people should buy your product over the competitors, but the thing is, you have to be as brie