What is Fabric Die Cutting and Why is it Important

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Fabric die cutting services

Die cutting is the process of cutting certain types of material into a desired shape or size. This material can range from extremely hard material, such as metal or wood, to soft and pliable materials, such as fabric or paper. Fabric die cutting uses machines to cut many layers of fabric into a specific or desired shape. A die cutting machine cuts through the many layers of fabric at once, typical to a cookie cutter cutting through dough. The end result is many pieces of the desired shape of material.

Fabric die cutting is beneficial for the aerospace and automotive industry. Airline seats and automobile seat belts are produced by fabric die cutting services. Airline seats are used regularly with nearly 8 million people flying per day. This puts a lot of wear and tear on airline seats, and fabric die cutting services are used to produce and repair these seats.

Automotive seat belts are held to stringent standards and must be able to withstand the weight of a crash. Polyester seat belts stretch around 7% under strenuous circumstances and twisting these belts lowers the strength. Twisting once reduces the strength by 6%, twisting twice reduces it by 11% and twisting three times reduces it by 20%. Seat belts, which have been twisted six times, can reduce the strength by as much as 40%. Precision and repetition is used in the production of the fabric for airline seats and auto seat belts. A Fabric die cutter allows these pieces of fabric to be cut precisely as needed over and over again.

The benefits of using a die cutting machine for fabric are the ability that it provides to users. Users can choose the tolerance of the material they need cut. Depending on the type of material needed, fabric die cutting machines can cut multiple dies at once.

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