Is Your Company Searching for a New HR Executive?

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As you read the posting this morning on social media, it really started to sink in. After just five years with your company your top marketing director is leaving the company. It is a major disappointment.
Not just because she was excellent at her job, but because it was expensive and time consuming to bring her onboard and to train her in the specific details of the elderly home care environment. Working with a trained staff of care providers while you also recruit and serve families with several options for their care choices is a very unique setting. Replacing her will not be easy. It will be the first staffing challenge for your new human resources (HR) executive. With proper vetting this new hiring and benefits executive will quickly find a qualified marketing candidate who is committed to stay.
While hiring any employee takes time and careful planning, hiring the person who will hire and maintain the rest of your staff is especially difficult. Placing and consulting senior human resource (HR) executives is a specialized field. In most cases, companies will have better success if they work with a talent acquisition management service. HR executive recruiters can help you look for and entice these workforce individuals who otherwise might be difficult to find. With the best HR executives in place, your other hiring and retention tasks will be handled.
HR executive recruiters specialize in national searches for candidates in the very specific and detailed field of HR implementation. Since nearly 60% of companies name employee retention as a major challenge, it makes sense to use HR executive recruiters to help you find the very best HR staff.
Statistics from the Department of Labor indicate that the average cost of an incorrect hire can sometimes be nearly 30% of that employee?s first year?s potential salary. And this number may be at the low end. Some companies indicate that the costs of employee turnover can vary from 30% to 150% of that employee?s salary.
For a new computer software developer, for example, executive staffing agencies suggest that companies allow and budget for at least a three-month process. This means that if a company loses a developer and they have to hire and replace, that company can anticipate at least three months before the new hire is productive. This three-month period begins the day the company brings that person onboard. If it takes a while to find that new hire, the process takes even longer. Human resources consultant experts indicate that a sales representative turnover can require up to six months.
These lengthy and costly delays are exactly why the very best companies work with HR executive recruiters. A competent and experienced HR executive can make sure that your group is hiring the right people for the right positions.

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