Getting a New Sign for Your Business? How to Improve It

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Signs: they can sometimes feel unnecessary in a world that is quickly being built up on the power of digital media. However, some might argue that signs are more important than ever. No matter what, signs serve as important digital cues for people searching for goods and services.
Did you know that, for example, 35% of people would not have discovered a business were it not for their sign? If you think about the average person?s day, there is a lot of repetition involved. People going to work will often pass the same buildings day in and day out. You don?t necessarily know where the coffee store is because you Googled it: you know where it is because you?ve passed it every day, and remember seeing the word ?coffee? and the sign of a donut.

So: what should you keep in mind as you move toward in updating your sign, or putting up a sign for your newly opened business? Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

The Benefits of Electronic Signs for Businesses

Electronic signs for businesses have a few tangible benefits. To begin with, they typically catch the eye better. If you?re quickly passing by a building, your eyes are going to be drawn to the detail that is atypical to its surrounds — AKA, the lighting. Electronic signs for businesses are also useful because they continue to operate in the evening, or in overcast conditions where it may be otherwise difficult for consumers to read signs. For businesses like bars and restaurants that have a lot of business coming through the doors after 5pm, digital signs for businesses are a must.

Simple is Better

Whether it?s signs for churches, signs for government or for business, simple design is typically the way to go — details should be added cautiously. Why? The further away someone is from your sign, the more difficult it is to make out complicated shapes or symbols. You want your sign to basically operate as a sort of logo — quickly recognizable and conveying its central point without too much mental work needed. Take Target?s sign as an example: the lit up name plus the icon of the Target are all that are needed to get someone?s attention and let them know that a Target store is here.

Size DOES Matter

At least for signs. Studies have shown that replacing your front wall sign with a larger sign can increase revenue by 7.7%. It?s worth keeping in mind that the further away your consumer is, the harder it will be to read a small sign. Shape, color, location and size are the four main factors affecting sign visibility. How tall should your lettering be? As a general rule of thumb, letters viewed from 300 feet away need to be at least 30? tall.

What are your thoughts on sign design, size, or electronic LED business signs? Let us know in the comments.

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