Business Signs Should Be Modern And Clever How LED Signage Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

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Without a good sign you might as well be dooming your business to obscurity.

This might seem a little dramatic, but the truth of the matter remains…without a strong first impression to reel in your customers, what else do you have to offer in today’s saturated market? A well-placed sign redirects foot traffic to your business or establishment, offering direction and a fast summary of what you offer. A catchy slogan or attractive logo gets across you’re serious about what you do, which will no doubt inform your future return customers. Put simply, business signage is the defining line between success and failure.

From signs for government to electronic school signs, this is how we communicate with each other without saying a word.

Signs have gone through a steady evolution, remaining very much the same and going through drastic changes all at once. Where they remain old-fashioned involves mainly location, as where you place a sign is just as important as the actual design itself. An interesting survey found 35% of people admitting they wouldn’t have discovered a business had it not been for the sign. Another study conducted of Best Buy customers found nearly 20% stating they dropped by the store just by spotting the sign. Imagine how many people you could be inviting over by rethinking the position of your GSA signs.

Where have signs gone through more modern change? Just take a look at the style. By the time 2019 arrives LEDs are expected to achieve a 50% penetration of the global lighting market, incredibly promising for both this niche and businesses that want to stand out. Digital signs for business have been taking off without a hitch, favored for being splashy and distinctly modern compared to more old-fashioned print, ink, and paint. That isn’t to say you can’t coast on nostalgia, however, and use LED signs to curry a retro vibe, either.

A sign is supposed to tell a customer several things. It’s supposed to give your business a solid first impression and communicate what, exactly, you have to offer their lives. It’s also supposed to be professional, dashing away any fears you could be wasting time. A recent study revealed 70% of people frequently look at messages on roadside billboards (digital and traditional). Another study found one-third of people report looking at an outdoor advertisement every time they pass by.

Fortunately for you, signs for government and electronic business signs are fashioned very much the same. While slogans and logos may differ, it’s the foundation that will carry each business and establishment through to passing eyes. Over 85% of a business’s customers today either live or work within a five-mile radius of its location. Changing a sign, or adding to it, will directly improve your sales revenue. Just look at this recent study, where swapping out a smaller sign with a larger one can net you an 8% boost all on its own.

No sign is above improvement. The one you’ve been using for months, perhaps years, could be hurting your cause more than helping. When the value of an on-site sign is the same as 24 full-page newspaper advertisements each year, this is an area you’ll want to take advantage of as soon as possible. Digital signs for schools, signs for government, and LED business signs need to use a combination of a smart location and attractive logo to catch people’s eye. Digital business signage simply takes these basic rules and enhances them with further light and color.

Give your goals a fighting chance. Try out LED signs when reinventing your signs for government and message boards.

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