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Why Are Business Signs so Important?

We’ve all noticed that nearly every type of business makes the most of advertising their specialties through signs. Signs for churches, schools and businesses make the difference between keeping your customer base where it is and constantly expanding by bringing new people in each week. Polls have shown that 35% of people who have gone to a new business never would have discovered the company had it not been for seeing their signs. Also, 85% of a company’s customers actually live, work or frequent an area within a five mile radius of the location of the business, making it easy to draw in new people every day. More importantly, when a business changes their signs regularly or add new signs it directly improves their sales revenue. A larger sign can increase revenue by 7.7%.

Different Types of Signs

An important aspect in the sign business is having many options for the design of your sign. If all signs looked alike, they’d be much less likely to catch the eye of potential customers. So when you’re picking out a sign, ask for help from the sign store employees to make your sign original, eye catching and appropriate for your type of business.

You want a sign that you can change regularly, so poster advertisements are not as effective. Of course, the regular signs with replaceable letters are always available. However, if you want to really stand out from the other businesses in your area, marquee signs, outdoor LED signs and full color LED signs are the best way to go. Make your sign shine and stand out above the rest.

Signs for Schools

Schools are establishments that should always have a sign on school property. Marquee signs for schools are rising in popularity, so multiple messages can be displayed at once. The value of a sign on your property is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads each year. By utilizing a school sign you can advertise upcoming events such as dances, sporting events and fundraising activities. It also allows you to remind students and parents alike when the next day off is going to be so they remember there will be no school that day. In the summer months you can advertise the beginning of the next school year.

Signs for Churches

Signs for churches are particularly helpful when it comes to drawing in attendants. Since there are so many churches around, standing out to potential congregation members is important. Change your message often and make it something social, comedic and touching.

Outdoor church signs are typically the best choice. Place one in front of your place of business, preferably near the side of the road. A whopping 71% of people pay attention to traditional and digital signs placed on the roadside. In fact, more than one third of drivers and passengers say that they look at an outdoor ad either every time they pass one, or the majority of the time they pass one. These signs for churches mean people are noticing your church, your message and are considering coming to check out one of your services.

Signs for Businesses

All businesses can profit from having a sign to draw passing potential customers into their establishment. Commercial business signs make a big difference, when you stand out, people want to know more. Several polls were taken that prove the helpfulness of signs. For example, after viewing a billboard for a restaurant while in the car, 58% of those people later decided to visit that restaurant. Statistics also show that approximately 68% of people often make their shopping decisions while they are in the car. In the aftermath, 32% of these people choose to visit retailers that they saw advertised on a billboard later in the week.

While any type of sign will be beneficial, electric business signs and digital signs for business will add the extra pizazz that catches everybody’s eye. This is true especially for businesses such as clubs, bars and companies that host fun events. When a poll was taken, 58% of the respondents age 18 and older learn about events they are interested in attending by seeing them advertised on a sign or billboard.

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