5 Tips to Keeping Your Commercial Elevator Happy

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Can you put an elevator in a house? While this might seem impossible, there are ways to install an elevator in a residential home. An at-home lift is a way to make the upper floors of your home accessible to someone with mobility issues. Often, people think that they have to either just stop going to those floors or move to a new house. But elevator services can install a lift to help you. The best elevator is going to depend on the type of home you have. Some houses can be retrofitted for an elevator while others will require a more complicated setup.

Building a home elevator can be expensive, so make sure you know what your budget is. Once you have your needs and your budget established, you can work with professionals to find out the best type of home elevator to install. Get quotes from several companies and compare offers before signing any contracts. But while getting an elevator into your home can be an expensive and stressful process, it will make your home much more accessible for everyone.

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Americans love our elevators. There are about 900,000 of them around the country. Each elevator moves approximately 20,000 people every year. If you consider all of the elevators in the country, together they take 18 billion passenger trips per year. Every year, more than 10,000 elevators are installed in residential buildings. If you manage a buiding with an elevator, you need to do certain things to keep it running. If you want to avoid needing an expensive and time consuming commercial elevator installation, follow these tips.

  1. Inspect the elevator at least once a day.Chesk the unit for any signs of vandalism or strange noises duruing its normal operation. You need to get in the elevator and ride it all the way up and all the way down. Pay carefyl attention to any sounds you hear coming from the unit or any strange smells that you notice. Take notes and keep them in the same place as the elevator log that you should also be keeping. When you find problems that you cannot fix, talk to your elevator repair company about what they think you should do.andnbsp;
  2. Keep a detailed log of your elevator’s operating status.This is where you can keep track of how much it runs and when. Pay attention to how often it is called and make notes of any problems anyone else notices with the running of your elevator. If you manage a residential building, encourage residents to let you know when and if they notice any problems witb the elevator. It is much easier to fix problems when you first notice them. Let small problems go and you may end up needing to replace it. Few things are more costly than needing a full commercial elevator installation.
  3. When something breaks, fix it!An elevator has a lot of moving and non-moving parts that can break down. When you do your daily elevator inspections, make a note of anything and everything that is not working the way it should. Replace light bulbs as they go out. If the cab lihgt is out, have that fixed. Check with the commercial elevator installation company to see what your contract with them covers.
  4. Be careful when cleaning the elevator.You should aboid harsh, chemical cleaners as they can corrode some of the frahile internal parts and mechanisms in your elevator. When you hire a commercial elevator installation company, check with them to see what cleaners they recommend using. It may seem to be common sense to avoid using cleaners that can damage the elevator but one of the most common reasons for elevator parts to fail is the use of harsh chemicals that corrode senstitive internal parts. This is a problem you cna easily avoid by only using products that have been approved by an elevator safety company.
  5. Pay attention to the weight limit of the elevator.It is crucial that you do not overload your elevator. The most common culprit for overloading elevators in the United States is the cleaning crew. When people overload an elevator with a lot more weight than it was built to handle, the result is more wear and tear on the internal mechanics that move the unit up and down in the building. A rule that most commercial elevator installation companies follow is to not put anything in an elevator that weighs a quarter or more of the total amount the elevator has been designed to carry. If you find that people in the building need to move items that are heavier than the unit can handle, you should consider instaling another elevator. Overloading the one you have can be dangerous.

It is easy to take elevators for granted but when they break down we call start to appreciate the convenience they give us. We may not even give the elevator company a second thought until we find ourselves waiting too long for an elevator to arrive. We really seem to know which company services the elevator when we are stuck in it. The good news is that it does not take a lot of time or effort to keep the elevator running properly. By paying attention, you can have problems fixed when they are small and cheaper to deal with.

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