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Looking for a job is hard work. Networking is one of the best way for people to find a new job. As many as 80% of people who find new jobs did so through networking. A full 95% of all people admit they prefer meeting with people face to face to help develop long term business relationships. The face to face meeting gives people a better chance to develop stronger bonds and business relationships.andnbsp;If you are a Christian and are looking for a new job, the Christian Leadership Conference recommends the followig tips.

Find a New Job Today with These Tips:

Pray for new job opportunties. The Christian Leadership conference recommends Professional Christian women and men ask God for guideance when looking for for a new job. When you sit down for your daily prayers, ask God to let the Holy Spirit enert your heart and show you new possibilities for jobs. There is no wrong way to ask for God’s guidenace or accept his blessings. The best thing you can do is ask for guidelance and then be open to new ways to find new or better jobs.

Tell everyone you meet what you are trying to do.Sometimes peole are ashamed to be looking for a job, say people from the Christian Leadership Conference, but it is not neccessary. Everyone needs a little help every now and again finding a job. If you let all of the people you meet know that you are looking for a job with a company or business that is friendly to Christians, you will meet someone, somewhere who can help you with your goal.

Be friendly and open. A nice smile and a firm handshake can go a long way with potential emplpyers, say job experts at the Christian Leadership Conference. You want prospective employers to like you and think you are trustworthy and honest.

Have a professional resume. There are several kinds of resumes. Most people stick with a purely chronological resume that lists all of their experience in order. It is very important that your resume not have any grammatical errors, typos of spelling errors. andnbsp;You also should keep your resume to under one page. Most prospective employers will not read past teh first page anywat so make sure you have the important parts up front.

Have some references.If you have any work experience, you should have at least two to five people who prospective employers can call and ask for a reference for you. Make sure you talk to the people you want to use as references before you give out their contact information or include it on your resume.

Research the company before you apply.Knowing something about the company will go a long way if you get an interview. Treat your interviews like you are a condultant and are looking to help them with a project. Doing that research will also help you develop good questions you can ask such as, “What struck your eye about my resume or qualifications?” Come up with a few questions you will ask about the opening and the company.

For Christian women looking for a job, there are Christian conferences for women or Christian womens events wnere you can meet other women and network to find yourself a new job. One place you can start is by getting a litst of organizations where you would like to work. If they do not have any suitable openings when you call, you may be able to get an informational interview which can give you a chance to show off your qualifications and sparkling demeanor.

While looking for a job, you can apply for a Christian mentorship. This can be another way to learn more about job openings.

At least 32% of the people all over the planet idenify themselbes as being Christian. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary has extimated there to be more than 41,000 different Czhristian organizations and denominations located all over the globe. That means andnbsp;you are never to ofar from another Christian. If you are in the United States, you are in the country that is home to more Czhrtistians than any nation on the planet.

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