Do You Think It’s Necessary to Have a Lift Installed in Your Home?

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Whether you have a permanent physical disability or a temporarily broken leg, living in a storied house can be a challenge. Finding your way up and down different rooms can seem like a heavy task. Fortunately, your suffering may come to an end with an effective lifting system for your home. There are various companies that install residential lifts for different home use. If you need to have this feature in your house, it important you consult an elevator company on the exact requirements needed for a perfect lift installation. But most importantly, you need to ask about space specifications and the suitable place the elevator shaft will go.

With a range of personal lifts to choose from, you can freely move across floors with little effort. In addition to that, your house resale value will have increased substantially. While a standard lift covers about 22 to 25 square feet of your interior space, there are some that require stand-alone rooms for the machines to be fitted in.

But did you know there are different types of Residential Lifts for home application? I guess you did. They include.

Traction Elevators
This type of residential elevator work by moving up and down a lift track by means of rolling steel ropes with a counterweight. Although this elevator is a bit slow and louder, it’s relatively cheap than other types. One advantage of traction elevator is that it doesn’t require a separate room for its machine. Most companies that install residential lifts recommend traction elevators for its retrofit ability in existing house.

Hydraulic elevators
People consider installing residential lifts in their homes for different reasons. Whether it’s for convenience or accessibility, you’d want something that performs to its maximum best. Since hydraulic elevators require separate machine room, they use more spaces as compared to traction elevators. But they move fast and produce less noise than other types of elevators.

Pneumatic elevators
Among these three type of elevators, pneumatic lift is perhaps the most convenient since they don’t require ropes, chains, cables, or counterweights, but instead, it uses air pressure to hoist tube-shaped cab up and down a tube-shaped hoistway. In order for this cab to make movements up and down, the air pressure below the cab is either increased or reduced, causing it to rise or create a cushion of air, which then triggers the movement. The only downside to this elevator is the high amount of energy it consumes to lift the cub.

While you are deciding between the three types of elevators, you need to consult a contractor who is specialized to install residential lifts in different types of houses. If you have already installed a lift in your house, it’s important that you consider home elevator repair services from a reputable company so as to seal any loophole for accidents.

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