Busting Four Myths About Private Jet Travel

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Flying a charter jet can be a great way to get business done. A private aircraft charter has advantages no commercial airline can match, including flexibility, speed, location, amenities, and value for price. There are a few myths about a private aircraft charter that might be holding you back from suing private flights: it’s time to consider them.

  • A grounded flight is a grounded flight. One of the banes of commercial travel are grounded or delayed flights. As a traveler, you may have assumed that flights would be grounded or delayed for all aircraft, but frequently a private aircraft charter has the option to around a problem. This is due to the flexibility of a private flight–you can quickly refile a new flight plan to a nearby airport that isn’t closed–and the freedom that private aircraft have to utilize hundreds of airports nationwide that are closed to commercial aircraft.
  • Private jets, being smaller, can’t get you there as fast as the big commercial jetliners. Actually, quite the opposite is true. In fact, on average, private jets are 10 times as fast as commercial flights. This is again due to a combination of little-known factors. For one, private flights can go up above weather and turbulence. They can also fly out of the commercial lanes, meaning they don’t have to fight for space or worry about air traffic. Combine these advantages with the ability to fly in and out of more airports that are closer to departure and destination and you’re saving valuable time by taking a private aircraft charter.
  • TSA and security are the same no matter how you fly. Again, this isn’t true. Private jets are not subject to the rules that commercial flights operate under, so there’s no standing in line. In fact, it’s frequently possible to just drive up to the door of a jet charter and walk aboard a few moments before the flight is set to take off.
  • Commerical jets are safer than private aircraft. The math on this statistic is difficult to work out. Commerical airlines have far more passenger fatalities than private jet charters, but then they carry more passengers per incident. Comparisons of the numbers of flights that experience incidents show little difference, and the upshot is that it all comes out in the wash. However you fly, flying is safe, and most private planes are flown and maintained by the most experienced and qualified people.

Flying on a private jet is safe, fast, and effective. A survey done in 2009 found that business people found themselves 20% more productive on a private aircraft than even in their own office. Flying by a private aircraft charter is a great way to get where you need to be as fast as possible while staying productive and safe.

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