When You Should Charter a Private Jet


There are all sorts of modes of transportation today, from taxis to buses to aircraft, and it is the latter category, jets, that may be the most appealing for tourists or traveling business professionals today in a Gulfstream charter or any executive jet charter. The best private jet charter will offer privacy, luxury, and a quick trip wherever the client wants to go, such as with a Gulfstream charter, and a Gulfstream charter plane, among others, can get the job done just fine. In fact, some of those who wish to fly can purchase their very own executive jet, if they so choose, and even offer a chartered flight to any interested customer when they do not need the jet for their own uses. What advantages might a Gulfstream charter or other flight offer for a passenger?

Jets and Convenience

There are plenty of private jets for passengers to choose from to get a chartered flight; back in 2011, around 11,261 private jets were registered to owners across the United States, and there are bound to be even more now. Some people fly on board their own jets, and other times, a passenger might get a chartered flight on someone else’s jet for a fair price. Those going on vacation or business travel especially may appreciate the convenience of these flights. There are good reasons for this.

For one thing, some trips are slow or impossible to take by land, and some locations are only accessible by either jet or boat, and most traveling business professionals today would rather take a Gulfstream charter or similar flight. A business professionals going from Seattle to Anchorage, for example, may have trouble finding a bus or train to get them there, but a Gulfstream charter or similar flight can get them to their destination. Island locations may be easiest to visit or leave by boat; a business professional traveling from Tokyo to Seoul, for example, could hardly take a bus across the Sea of Japan, but a chartered flight could get the job done. Other islands like Hawaii, Singapore, and more are best accessed by air.

Then there is the luxury of the flight itself. A chartered flight will feel much different than taking a commercial airliner or a crowded bus, and in the peace and quiet on board such a jet, this is a great time for getting work done. Many traveling business professionals make use of this time to catch up on work, distraction-free, and it is clear how effective this is. Back in 2009, a survey showed that office workers are 20% more effective when they get their work done on board a company aircraft than at the office. This is similar to how employees who work at home are often more productive, since they are free of office distractions like conversations or noisy traffic outside. Clearly, then, getting a jet charter is a great idea for travel. But what about buying one’s own jet?

Purchase a Jet

Someone with the budget and the interest can choose to buy his or her own jet to fly in style, and like with cars, a buyer can choose either new or used jets. A new jet will have modern standards of power, fuel efficiency, accommodations, and communication equipment, which can make it highly appealing to those who have both the budget and the need for such a vehicle. New jets may be the most expensive, however, and a buyer may instead opt for a used jet. In this case, it’s possible to save a lot of money, but caution must be taken.

A used jet should be inspected in person for faults in the interior and on the exterior alike, and some wear and tear issues may be easier to fix than others. The buyer should also look over the flight logs and make sure that the jet wasn’t stored in a very humid place recently (this can damage the jet). And either way, a jet owner can offer his/her vehicle when they don’t need it, and offering chartered flights, while it won’t generate a real profit, can help offset some of the expenses, such as fuel, maintenance, and pilot salaries.

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