Five Signs You Need to Lease Commercial Space


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Recent years are helping to show that the small business is on the rise. Commercial real estate agents have reported huge market gains in recent years. Seeing more business space being sold helps to ensure that more people are buying as the economy continues to improve. These improvements could be felt by your small business. Knowing the right time to move into commercial space for rent will help you grow your business faster. Here are five signs it is time to take the next step and rent commercial space for lease.

  • Having Nowhere Professional to Meet Clients: A new business owner can set up meetings at various public locations for only so long. Eventually, clients will want to visit your office. In turn, having an office to show off is a great indicator of your professionalism. When revenues have reached a certain point, finding business space for rent is often a wise solution. Don’t worry, you can still have those wonderful business lunches away from the office.
  • You Feel the Time is Right: Many business owners feel their intuition got them to where they need to be. That same intuition could be telling you that it is time to find retail space for lease. Going with your instincts often proves useful. There is a long list of businesses that made the critical decision to expand and came out much more successful after doing so.
  • You Need to Hire Staff: One person can only do so much during a day. As a business continues to grow, the many demands are likely to be too much for one person to undertake. Delegating work can provide you with valuable time to further expand your business. You don’t want to have staff members in your home all day. Therefore, commercial space for lease is perfect to house your new employees. Having office space is beneficial for the staff who might not feel comfortable working in your home.
  • Inventory is Piling Up: If you are creating products, a home may not be the best storage solution. Over time, a home will begin oiling up with inventory that is better suited to a small retail space for rent. Commercial space for lease provides a business with ample storage space. In addition, the public commercial space will likely enable you to move more inventory, further reducing stockpile issues. Having too many items within your home could lead to an increased risk of fire. In addition, having work cluttered around your home can make you feel like you can’t get away from work which can make you feel stressed.
  • Home is Filled with too many Distractions: In early stages of entrepreneurship, the home could be the only space you have to work in. As your business grows, you could find that the work needs to be done on a larger scale. Finding yourself needing to fully concentrate is hard for some to continuing doing within their homes. People who are living with you might be unknowingly distracting you from completing your work. If there are small children and pets within the home, distractions can become too much for a business owner to handle. Renting office space provides you with quiet and distraction free space around the clock.
  • In closing, there are many benefits associated with finding commercial space for lease. You will want to choose a location that meets budgets and customers can easily find. Luckily, there are many spaces out there that are being sold. Research shows that there has been a 7.4 percent increase in the sales of commercial property when looking at a per year basis. Needing to hire staff will likely mean making the jump to commercial office space for lease. Growing inventory needs are often taken care of by moving into a new retail space. Having office space is the perfect place to take your business to the next level. Many entrepreneurs feel a special sense of pride as they watch their new office or retail space officially open.

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