The Overarching Trends in Manufacturing; Eliminating Waste

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The manufacturing industry is, not surprisingly, global in scale. It can refer to any industries involved with manufacturing and processing items, from makeup to auto parts. In a free market economy (such as the U.S.), manufacturing exists to create products for profit. China leads the world in manufacturing output, followed by the European Union, the Eurozone, the United States and then Japan (Worldbank ranks by region, not necessarily by country).

Eliminating Waste During This Process Helps to Save Money

Not surprisingly, an important aspect of running a business is eliminating waste in the process. Waste eats into profits and drives up the cost of production. For this reason, many companies look for ways to systematically eliminate waste within a system, through a process known as ?lean manufacturing.? Toyota is a well known company that has relied on this concept in order to rise the ranks, going from a small, Japanese country to the largest automaker in the world. At its core, the principal is this: as waste is eliminated, quality is improved, cost is reduced, and time is saved.

What the Spending Survey Tells Us About Manufacturing Trends in 2016

According to Gardner?s Capital Spending Survey, the 2015 survey on metalcutting is expected to be nearly $9 billion — this is an incredible 37% more compared to 2014. This number is expected to keep rising. Why are manufacturers interested in putting more money into the machinery they use? Basically, upgrades to machinery, whether it?s end mill bits or carbide inserts, can help improve the overall manufacturing process. A more exacting blade means quicker production, and less waste from pieces that don?t fit the overall pattern of the product quite right. CNCs, or computer numerical controls, grew out of this need: this allows for many mechanical operations to be done by a computer. A boring machine or a panel saw, for example, can be run by CNC systems.

A Basic Example of Manufacturing Trends in Action

Another example of this would be carbide end mills, such as Mowidec TT. Why should you upgrade your carboride end mills? New series of carboride end mills today have notable advantages. They produce quieter, smoother cuts at increased speeds and feeds, which can result in improved production rates. This helps also improve tool life.

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