Keep A Floor Scrubber Handy To Minimize Slip And Fall Accidents

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The importance of having an industrial floor scrubber on hand comes into sharp focus when you consider the high risk of injuries resulting from slippery floors in certain workplace environments.

In particular, employees in areas where meat is handled are 75% more likely than the average worker to slip, trip and fall. That includes warehouses, grocery stores and other locations similarly exposed to meat products.

Over 25% of all the workplace injuries reported yearly are slip, trip and fall-related.
This type of accident accounts for more than 95 million lost work days each year. Even where procedures mandate the wearing of non-slip shoes and other safety equipment, an astonishing 98% of people surveyed at a recent convention of the American Society of Safety Engineers said they had observed workers ignoring the rules.

Regular use of an industrial floor scrubber can minimize slip and fall incidents, and the need to clean up after any spillage or other similar occurrences in a timely fashion should emphasized.

Depending upon the size of the area to be maintained, there are many models of commercial floor scrubbers and walk behind floor scrubbers to choose from.

How likely is a warehouse employee to have an accident? In 2011, the rate was 5.5 injuries for each 100 workers. The numbers for industry in general show slip, trip and fall accidents to be the cause in the majority of cases, and they represent 15% of all accidental deaths – second only to motor vehicles.

It’s not just inexperienced workers who are prone to accidents. In nearly 70% of cases, those involved have been well-trained.

So the best defense against slip, trip and fall accidents is to be pro-active. Watch for problem areas to develop, react quickly and be sure an industrial floor scrubber of some type is ready to be put into use quickly and that employees know how to operate it sufficiently well to eliminate the risk.

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