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What to Know Before Bidding on Government Contracts

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Proposal pricing software

If you are trying to get involved with federal contracting proposals, there are a few things you should know. Here are some tips on bidding on government contracts before you take the plunge.

Go small

Small business contractors have agreed to this nationwide — go small when you start as you do not want to be overwhelmed. The federal agencies you are bidding with will look at your past history and will deny you if you do not have many successes. To get started, think about bidding on proposals that are priced around $3,000. No need to worry if you cannot find contracts at this pay level just yet, contract pricing varies.

Research, research, research

Before an

The Basics Behind Creating Printed Circuit Board Prototypes

Written by admin on . Posted in Printed circuit boards, Prototype pcb manufacturing, Prototype printed circuit boards

Pcb fabrication

In many ways, our technological systems have become dependent on circuit boards. Printed circuit boards have long been a part of this revolution, and are the centerpieces of many different electronic components. Yet it can be easy to overlook circuit boards, or for that matter how they are prototyped and developed. Printed circuit boards are electronic units made up of thin strips of conductive materials like copper, laid against the flat insulating sheet that acts as the board. Components will then be soldered on in one way or another to the printed circuit board. Few understand what goes into prototype PCB fabrication. Without prototype Continue Reading No Comments