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Freight shipping is an extremely important part of the world economy. Goods from all over the world can be shipped through the use of boats and trucks. Truck freight shipping deals with the part of shipping that occurs when the goods have made it overseas. Once the goods arrive by boat, they are loaded onto trucks and brought to their final destination.

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When the truck first arrives at a port to pick up goods, it must show identification. Freight truckers have a federal ID that allows them access to these ports. Without the ID you are unable to get in. Once the trucker shows their ID, they go through further security checking, by a scanner that checks the truck itself.

After the initial checks, the trucks have many other security processes to go through. When they are finally cleared to go they will be given directions on where to drive to. Where the truckers go depends on if they are dropping off goods or picking up. It’s not uncommon for trucks to drop off goods before moving on to pick up a new order.

Before the trucks leave the port they can make repairs. There is an area on their way out where they can stop to get whatever help they need.


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