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Law firms can have some of the most extended and strenuous application processes in the job world, and it can be nerve-wracking just thinking about having an interview at one of these prestigious organizations. While it is a good idea to prepare, don’t waste your time overthinking of freaking out about the process. Put your best foot forward, and fill out your application honestly and approach the interview as a personable and passionate future employee.

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If you are worried about being caught like a deer in the headlights with an interview question, this video gives you a brief overview of the questions that law firms tend to ask upon the first interview.

First of all, you should formulate an answer beforehand to the dreaded question, “what is your greatest weakness?” This question could be followed up with others such as “Tell me about a time when you failed,” and “What would a supervisor say you need to work on?” When you answer these questions, it is a good idea to include details of how you worked to improve your weakness, whether it be taking on too much work or not staying organized. Talk about how you combatted your weakness, versus digging deep into what you wish was different about yourself.


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