The Benefits of Stainless Steel Chemical Tanks

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Chemical holding tanks are tanks made in different sizes and materials that can be used to store, mix, and process chemicals. They can hold a large variety of chemicals and need to be made to withstand whatever is being kept inside of them. A jacketed vessel will usually be used for heating, cooling, and overall insulation of the tanks.

There are multiple options for the material these tanks are made of, but one of the best is stainless steel for a list of reasons. Stainless steel chemical tanks can withstand more volatile chemicals in a way that plastic ones may not be able to, along with a few other advantages.

Higher Levels of Resistance

Chemical tanks made out of stainless steel are more resistant to things like cracking, temperature changes, and erosion. These are all problems that can easily be run into when storing or processing chemicals. A dimpled stainless steel jacket can help to insulate and regulate the tanks and their contents.

They Are Recyclable

If you’re concerned with being eco-friendly, stainless steel tanks are a good choice. The steel can be recycled when you no longer have use of the tank. Making choices that are good for the environment is a great way to boost the reputation of your business while doing something thoughtful.

More Hygienic Than Concrete

Another great benefit these tanks offer is that they are more hygienic than their concrete counterparts. Concrete tanks are more susceptible to issues like mold and bacteria than the stainless steel options.

They Look Sleek

Although aesthetics aren’t the most important thing in the world, they can’t hurt. If you’re concerned with making you chemical storage look more presentable, stainless steel is a nice option. It looks sleek, shiny, and uniform, so if that’s something that matters to you then steel is your best choice.

Choose Tanks with Dimpled Stainless Steel

Choosing a stainless steel tank with a dimpled inner jacket is a great option for more complicated chemicals. If you’re concerned with things like temperature control, hygiene, and the tank’s ability to stand up to wear and tear, stainless steel with a dimpled jacket is the way to go.

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