That’s a Wrap How The Right Packaging Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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It seems that everything comes in a pouch or a bag these days: everything from coffee to protein powder. Commercial food packaging has come a long way and has become an integral part of product marketing. A recent survey indicated 85% of shoppers stated their purchase decisions are influenced by reading a product package while shopping.

Take the humble protein powder bag, for example. What used to be a plain canister is now a colorfully-labeled pouch with clear nutritional data printed on the front. Placement of a food packaging label is key for drawing consumers to your product.

The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study demonstrated that 66% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye while shopping. Think about it: with the right packaging, customers who are initially hesitant to try your product could change their minds with the right packaging.

Resealable pouches are gaining ground as packaging favorites among consumers who prefer single-serve portions of their favorite product. Clear pouch bags make it easier for consumers to see the product for themselves before decided to try it.

Dog food packaging has taken on a whole new luster with clear ingredient labels, bright graphics, and simple copy. Pet owners have become increasingly tough consumers, and clear labeling will inform them of a pet food’s exact ingredients.

Packaging counts. Packaging will help move product, whether it is protein powder, pet food, coffee, snacks, or other consumables. A brightly colored, easy to read protein powder bag will move more units than a plain-wrap package or packaging that lacks visual appeal.

By embracing the right packaging for your target demographic, you’ll boost sales, drawn in repeat customers, move more product, and otherwise reap the rewards of well thought-out packaging.

In some cases, the right packaging just might make your business or product stand out in social media, as 40% of those surveyed stated they would share a product photo on their social media accounts if the packaging were interesting enough. In this digital age of “likes” and “shares,” a little packaging expertise can go a long way.

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