Stanchion Signs When and How to Use Them

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Businesses need a lot of different types of signs. An acrylic window mounting sign can let people outside the establishment know what’s going on inside. Brochure display racks allow you to advertise a variety of items related to what’s going on natively in your place of business. Clear window decals allow people to see your brand while still seeing inside, and outdoor pedestal signs can be a great way of advertising a particular sale. There’s another type of sign useful sign, especially for those who need to direct people within the store. That’s the 22 x 28 stanchion sign holder. How is this sign holder useful in retail, and what kind of design is most appropriate for it?

When To Use the 22 x 28 Stanchion Sign Holder

A stanchion sign holder It is a sturdy piece of signage at just the right height to catch attention. It conveys an aura of authority by its very nature and is extremely useful in explaining to customers what to do. Friendly signs designed well and placed properly can keep your customers from feeling overwhelmed as they enter your business. They are excellent for indicating particular areas of the store or showing how to get to restrooms or where lines begin.

How To Design an Effective Sign

The best 22 x 28 stanchion sign holder in the world won’t do what you need it to do unless it’s designed effectively. Here are some tips for doing it well:

  1. Choose stands that match your store’s culture. The 22 x 28 stanchion sign holder comes in a wide variety of styles. You can get them in colors or in a muted black or white. They can look sleek and futuristic, or they can be made of bamboo and have a rustic look. They can be simply one pole with a minimalist profile or they can take up more space and provide a way of blocking off an area. Think about what you want your sign to do and how it should look in your space and you’ll be ready to choose the right style.
  2. Use colors and images effectively. The human eye is attracted to color, but too much color can be hard to look at. You want contrasting colors between your background and your text so that the text is easily readable. If you use images, it’s important to make sure that the image does not interfere with the readability of the text at a distance. It’s a good idea to print off a prototype or two and get several people to look at it from different angles and distances.
  3. Keep your message minimal. It’s tempting to put too much information on a sign, but signage is most effective when it is most simple. Boil down what you want to say to the most direct and simple statement. Then get others to look at it and give you their honest opinion about what it means. Make sure that what they think it means is exactly what you meant to say.

Placing Your Sign Effectively

Lett’s say that customers come in and can turn right or left. You would prefer that they turn right, but some turn left and wander around looking at the register items. You prefer that they go through the whole store before they get to that point, so your 22 x 28 stanchion sign holder directing them towards a sale or exciting event should be placed just inside the door and slightly to the left. Its message and its presence will effectively guide people to the right.

Let’s say you need to slow down the movement of your customers through the store. Several signs placed in a U-shaped design create a weaving pattern that does just this. Let’s say you have a back room that is frequently mistaken for a restroom. A series of signs starting just outside the back room and leading people towards the restroom is an effective way of stopping this problem.

Whether you need crowd control or a way to direct your customers to what they need, signage is a great way to do it. Choose the right design and place it effectively and you’ll get the results you want.

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