Are You Getting Ready to Purchase Your First Home?

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This is an exciting time for your oldest daughter. After just finishing an accelerated nursing program and passing her boards, she has already been hired for her first RN position. She is combining her savings with the hiring bonus that her new job has payed her, and has made the decision to purchase a starter home. She briefly considered renting an apartment, but soon realized that with a little scrimping she could invest in herself, rather than paying a landlord.

After working with a trusted realtor and paying close attention to the comparative market analysis (CMA) reports that the realtor provided, she feels like she has a real handle on how much she should spent in the area where she wants to live. In fact, the CMA reports have provided a way for her to compare the options that the realtor is showing her.

Real Estate CMA Software Provides Valuable Information to Both Buyers and Sellers

Whether you are preparing to buy your first ever home or you are finally getting ready to purchase your dream home, it is important to make sure that you are working with a realtor who is showing you how to pay attention to CMA reports. By understanding the prices of the comparable pieces of real estate in an area, you can have a far better feel about the prices that you should be paying. In addition, you can notice a real bargain when you see. If you are a seller and not a buyer, it is still important to make sure that you look at the CMA produced by the latest real estate software packages so that you know what a good asking price is.

The latest research indicates that Millennials and Gen Yers made up as much as 34% of home buyers in the year 2017. The fact that this number is only expected to rise is an indicator that these folks will be a driving factor in the entire real estate market. By realizing this, a seller can stage a home to the tastes of this generation. Clean, strong design elements, for instance, might help a seller attract someone who is in this purchasing group. In addition, knowing that the National Association of Realtors reports that 56% of buyers 36 years old and younger find their homes online, it is also important to make sure that the property you want to sell has a strong online impact.

The right digital marketing, combined with updates that are appealing to Millennials and Gen Yers, can help you connect your property to the best audience. Combined with the latest and most accurate CMA reports will help sellers understand the whole process. In addition, buyers also benefit from the valuable information included in these reports.

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