6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Retail Signs More Effective

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There are a lof of things businesses can do with the signage that they use around their spaces to make it more effective and improve their bottom line. Here are a few ways to improve the performance of signs and the floor standing sign holders in your business:

  1. Start with the right colors. If you are working on your custom glass door signage or the signs that are to show people where to find your business, you should use the colors you use in your logo. If you are looking to do something different, you need to make sure your colors complement but also contrast each other to make them stand out and be legible. The last thing you want to do is create signs that cannot be read easily.
  2. Use simple fonts. It is always best to use simple and clean fonts when you are talking about any kind of display stands, creative retail display ideas or retail display ideas. People do not give signs a lot of time — the average time a person spends looking at signs and floor standing sign holders can be measured in seconds and not minutes. That means you should pick sans serif fonts to make your signs easier to read and understand.
  3. Consider the orientation. Many companies use horizontal signs as the default option but you may get more bang for your buck if you go with vertical signage or even signage that is skewed a bit. Making your sign set differently from other signs can make it stand out better. The more time people spend looking at your signs, the better. There really are no “wrong” ways to do this.
  4. Get the right size. After location, the size of a sign is the most important when it comes to getting the right attention. If the signs you are using are too large, they may become overwhelming and be lost. If your sign is too small, it may be overlooked completely. You need to take a Goldilocks approach to signs. They should be neither too big or too small but just right. it may take some experimentation and work to get the best size for your signs. If you are dealing with outdoor signs, you may have to conform to the rules and regulations for the area where you have the signs so make sure you look into that before you invest your time and money in new signs.
  5. Go with simple messages. Writers are often told that they will have to “kill their babies.” Generally, that means they need to cut down on the number of words they use to get their point across. The same thing can be said of most signs. Simple messages sell product whereas more complicated messages just turn people off. In the world of useful and effective signs, simplicity is your friend. If you are working with retail signs, it is important to realize that a lot of shoppers make their decisions about what to buy at the last minute and having the right signage can make a difference in catching their eye.
  6. Be ready to change your signs. When it comes to creating effective signs and messages to be used outside or with floor standing sign holders, you have to know, going in, that you will never really be through beta testing your messages and your signs. You may need to change up the look and the messages you use on your signs to reflect new specials or other information. Knowing that you will always be working to make your signs better and more effective may make it all easier to deal with. Make it a point to look at your signs often and be ready to change them as often as is reasonable.

When you are working with retail displays and floor standing sign holders, there are no hard and fast rules other than making the signs legible. The good news with signage is that you can ad should unleash your creativity when making the messages and the signs themselves. If you let yourself, you can have a really fun time making great signs that will move more product.

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