Using Retail Signs to Increase Customer Impulse Buys

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Many retailers rely on impulse purchases. They make the majority of their income by enticing customers into their storefront and then providing them with great products, excellent service, and the desire to make an impulse purchase. Encouraging impulse buys requires a lot of planning and the ability to really grab the customer?s attention. It also requires the ability to add impulsivity into the sale. You must really make your customer need that product now, because if they are to leave and think about it, chances are they will not return for it. Increase your customer impulse buys with the following sales techniques.

Coupon mailers
Any type of discount or coupon makes a customer want to visit. They may plan on simply using the coupon on one purchase and nothing else. However, you have a better chance of selling them additional items if you can get them to walk into your storefront. Also, the better the coupon is, the more likely they are to make a higher sale. For example, a simply $5 off coupon may encourage them to only purchase one item, while a 20% off an entire purchase may leave them wanting to get a bigger discount. Although the bigger discount means more store discounts, it also means more sales for your business.

These coupon mailers can actually be sent to customers in a few different ways. You can simply place an acrylic poster frame outside of your storefront for those driving or walking by. The acrylic poster frame, however, must be large enough and colorful enough to grab the attention of people who did not otherwise plan to visit your storefront. You can also use traditional mail for coupon mailers. Another effective way is through Email, as it allows customers to use their smartphones. Although shoppers will use their smartphones to do research on a product, 77% of consumers will go to a store to shop, making it a great way to get foot traffic into your store.

Buy one, get one sales
Buy one, get one sales are another great impulse buy incentive. When a customer comes into the store for one intended purchase and notices a buy one, get one sale, they are very likely to make another purchase. Even if the sale is a buy one, get one half off sale, they will not want to lose the half off ability of the second product. Acrylic poster frames and clear plastic hanging signs are a great way to notify customers of buy one, get one sales.

The acrylic poster frame is actually a very effective way to showcase a buy one, get one sale. In fact, the cost to reach 1,000 adults for a sign or a store merchandiser with a life of one year was between 3 cents and 37 cents, compared to $4.05 and $7.75 for a 30 second commercial. The steep discounts you receive with the more cost effective form of marketing can allow you to pass the discounts on to your customers.

Custom retail displays
Custom retail displays and acrylic display stands can be effective, even if they do not advertise discounts and sales. In fact, full priced merchandise performed 18% better with signage than without. Simply showcase a new line of clothing with a large and bright acrylic poster frame, portraying your targeted customer looking happy and carefree. The simple message of the sign will encourage customers to purchase that brand, even without offering any types of discounts.

Signs encourage impulse buys. Retailers rely on impulse buys to increase sales and profits. In order to further increase your amount of impulse buys, considering trying different types of signs. Glass door signs and acrylic poster frames are both very effective in showcasing specific brands, as well as sales. Coupons and full order discounts can also bring new customers into your storefront, where the acrylic poster frames will do the rest. Signs can even be effective when they do not contain sale information. The simple advertisement of a sign, however, tends to significantly increase purchases.

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