Make Your Mark Creative Ways to Get the Most Out of Your School Marquee

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In addition to talented staff and quality education, community outreach plays an integral role in a the success of a school. Although social media is an effective way for schools to engage with their community, signage such as school sign boards and digital school marquee’s are equally effective and may even be more effective in some ways.

In the same ways that digital signs for businesses can turn heads and draw attention, digital marquee signs for schools can create a stronger sense of presence with the community while encouraging engagement on a number of levels. After all, signs are meant to be seen and the dazzling displays of digital school marquees are difficult if not impossible to ignore.

On top of helping school’s stand out, scrolling marquee signs can be used to a variety of messaging. Here are a few creative ways in which school marquees can be used:

Share important news

Schools are a major part of the overall dynamic of a community, and often go beyond their function of an institution for education. Many schools serve as multipurpose community spaces that can be used for volunteer initiatives such as blood or clothing drives, fundraisers, and even emergency shelters. School marquee signs can be used to share important information, such as closings, storm warnings, any other news. This helps schools remain relevant and better function in their role within the community.

Inspire excellence

Did the underdog sports team make it to the playoffs? Did a graduate recently return from military service? Did a student receive a full-ride scholarship to an Ivy league school? These and other exciting news can be shared on a school marquee to celebrate community excellence and inspire a sense of communal pride. It’s often been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and when one person within the community wins, everyone does!

Create positive change

As institutions of education, schools help future generations build the foundation of the future. This often includes encouraging students to volunteer within their immediate community and beyond. School marquees can be used to raise awareness about community issues while providing practical solutions. For example, a school marquee can be used to display information about a student carwash whose proceeds will go towards combatting homelessness.

It can be easy to forget the importance of signs when so much emphasis is placed on establishing a strong online presence, but outdoor LED displays communicate in ways that the internet can’t. In addition to the campus and student body, digital school signs can help bring the entire community closer together.

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