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In the United States, there are plenty of industries that are not only underappreciated but are also complex and hard to understand unless you are someone that works in that industry. For many people, a great example of one of these industries is without a doubt the industry of freight management. Many people have no clue as to what this industry does and how this industry manages to function in the United States.

Right now, the Less Than Truckload or LTL, market is estimated to be around $35 billion. This number truly depicts how underappreciated this industry is because of how much it is worth. Most people would be aware of any industry that is worth any amount of money in the billions. Here is all of the facts that surround transportation management, TL shipments, and freight management software.

Freight management software is relatively new to the world of transport management solutions. This newfound form of technology has come to help many transportation project managers to have an easier time putting everything together when moving large objects. Thanks to freight management software, the industry of transporting goods and large objects has never been easier and more efficient.

The president of SJ Consulting is Satish Jindel. He has publicly stated that nearly 23% of all for-hire freight tons can be attributed to the world of retail. He has also stated that the length of haul for most transports have declined. This means that the public truckload carriers have reported their average length of transportation while hauling objects has decreased by 4% between the years of 2011 and 2016.

These new developments in freight management software are one reason as to why the efficiency has improved for this line of work. Luckily freight management software helps project managers to pick the best routes that are quick and also put the person hauling equipment in the best position to exceed.

In the year of 2013, trucking transportation moved almost 15 billion tons of cargo. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have projected that by the year of 2040, the number of cargo moved by this industry will increase to nearly 19 billion tons of cargo. This huge increase can be partly contributed to the fact that freight management software has helped improve this industry.

The revenue of E-commerce in the United States has grown to be worth $423 billion and many believe it will continue to steadily rise. Because of this rise in demand, many of the carriers are now being forced to make serious adjustments so they can handle all of these changes. Almost 12 million vessels including trucks, rail cars, and locomotives move goods over the transportation network.

Data has been gathered by CargoNet and FreightWatch and it has revealed that throughout the first three quarters of 2016 just about 615 cargo-theft incidents were recorded. Thanks to freight management software, these sort of situations are slowly but surely being curbed. The value of freight moved is going to increase to nearly $1,400 per ton by the year of 2040, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

Nearly 6 million commercial motor vehicle drivers are operating in the United States, so the freight moving industry has done a good job of helping provide employment for many of the people inside the United States. Trucks will always carry the largest share of freight by value in terms of tons and ton-miles for shipments moving 750 or fewer miles. Many experts believe this is much more efficient as opposed to moving freight by rail.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that freight management software has done nothing but improve the industry of transporting freight weight and large truckloads. This is good because as mentioned before, this industry is employing a large number of Americans. Right now the economy is slowly getting better in the United States and industries that can employ a large number of people should be supported by all.

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