The Changing Face Of American Transportation Specialty Freight Services

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Your products are only as good as its transportation. If you’re not investing in a specialty freight or expedited trucking, you could be losing out on both money and a superior reputation in your particular field. Industrial machinery transport has been seeing significant improvements over the years, providing businesses of all shapes and sizes the means of delivering well and delivering fast. Separating shipping services from one another, however, takes a little digging into the changes that are affecting the transportation industry.

The American Transportation Industry

The United States is a country that relies heavily on the seamless flow between trucking, flight and specialty freight to keep running. American e-commerce revenue sits at a pretty $420 billion and is still steadily climbing year after year. This includes (but is not limited to) full truckloads, less-than-truckloads (also known as LTL) and parcel. Every small change brought to the face of transportation means a nearly endless amount of possibilities to save money and improve your company’s standards.

Expedited Trucking

You may be wondering how you can better take advantage of expedited trucking on your way to a more competitive business model. Back in 2013 trucking alone transported over 15 billion tons of cargo. This already impressive number will even be seeing further improvement over the decades. By the time 2040 comes around this number is expected to exceed 18 billion tons. The demand for efficient, eco-friendly and safe transportation options is higher than ever.

Aerospace Logistics

Which method of transportation is superior? It partially depends on how much and how often you ship. The LTL market has an estimated value of $35 billion and, as of today, the three most valuable commodities moved by American freight transportation is machinery, electronics and vehicles. Whether you’re a small business that sends small packages or a company that regularly attests to fragile equipment, aerospace logistics services can provide one of the fastest means of getting your products out there.

Specialty Freight

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to transportation methods. Each business has its own figures and demands to attend to, those of which can require expedited international one day and LTL shipping the next. The U.S. Department Of Transportation is expecting to see the value of freight increasing from $880 per ton to over $1,300 per ton in a few decades. Specialty freight can be customized to suit the needs of your brand so you’re not fumbling with unnecessary additions that cost you money and fail to deliver.

Industrial Machinery Transport Services And You

Figuring out your own expedited domestic shipping services could have more positive benefits than you originally thought possible. The transportation network moves 12 million trucks, locomotives and rail cars across the country daily. Spending in both logistics and transportation hit $1 trillion just two years ago. There are even trade shows held in convention centers all over the country to boast the latest additions to the transportation field. California and Florida have the highest amount at 20 locations each, while Nevada follows close behind with 19.

From specialty freight to global aerospace logistics, transportation is moving fast. Can you keep up?

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