Successful Advertising Techniques for Open School Positions

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There tends to be a high turnover rate when it comes to school employment. A lot of this is due to the fact that there are so many important positions to fill in the school setting. There are numerous types of teachers, secretarial assistants, counselors, sporting coaches, janitorial employees, library staff, and substitute teachers. It can be difficult at times to fill all of these positions, especially on a last minute notice. Increase your staff possibilities by getting the word out about open positions with these possible methods.

Utilize school marquees and other signs

Approximately 85% of a business?s customers live or work within a five mile radius of its location. Sometimes the best employees are a business?s customers. The same idea fits within the school setting. Hiring local community residents instills a sense of community pride and value into employees of the school. Advertise school openings on the school marquee or exterior electronic signs. You will specifically be targeting the community?s local members. You are also likely to get a variety of student?s parents applying for open positions.

Advertise in local newspapers and other print

Many communities and schools have their own newspapers or communication prints. In addition to the school marquee, advertise the open positions in these community prints. The people that receive these community communications are likely already more invested in the success and events of the community, making them a great school candidate. Even consider taking out an ad in the local city newspaper, but keep in mind that the value of an onsite sign is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads each year.

Create a candidate pool

When you use electronic message boards for schools or school marquee boards to advertise to the local community, you will likely get numerous applications. Keeping the qualified applicants in a rotating pool can be helpful in filling future open positions. Even if they are not selected for the specific open position, the candidate pool can be extremely helpful for later hiring processes. You will not have to go through all of the trouble of outdoor LED displays and newspaper ads, as you already have a qualified pool of candidates. When the candidate pool gets low or too much time has passed, repeat the hiring processes to create a new candidate pool.

Hire within

Hiring within is a hiring practice that many companies take pride in. When you offer promotions and open positions first to current employees, those employees are more grateful and more likely to stay in the position for longer. Although you will still have to fill their position, you are improving job satisfaction within the company. You can still use a local LED sign company to help create open position ads for their original position. In general, when you notify the current employees that they have the ability and priority to be promoted, they tend to work harder.

Advertise as large community events

One of the most important hiring criteria in a school setting is a passion for education. When you advertise at local community or school events, you are advertising the open position to people who are already showing their value and commitment of the school. Use full color LED signs or school marquees to really grab the attention of attendees of these events. Approximately 58% of poll respondents 18 years or older learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard. In this case, the event could be advertised as a hiring fair for the community school.

Schools are constantly turning over employees. They are moving onto better positions, graduating from college programs, or moving to other school districts. Make your hiring process easier by expanding your candidate search to local community residents. Advertise to these community members with city newspapers, school communications, and with the school marquee. Also, advertise at local community events. Keep a candidate pool for easy hiring all year long, and simply update that candidate pool the following year.

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