Important School Uses of Digital LED Signs


Electronic message signs

Schools are a crucial part of every community. They educate local children, provide the community with entertainment activities, and act as a community center point. Schools usually do a good job with communicating with the community through the children. Sometimes, however, the message is not communicated or members of the community are left out, because they do not have school age children. Digital signs for schools can be an extremely effective method of keeping in touch with the community. Digital signs for schools might include the following types of messages.

Important school dates

Parenting can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you have multiple children or if you are also working. You can easily miss important school dates, such as days off, half days, test days, and event days. School newsletters may be helpful in reminding you, but do not always keep the important dates top of the mind. Using digital signs for schools ensures that you are always kept up to date on important dates. You can easily see the signs as you pick up and drop off your child at school. The daily reminders will ensure that you never forget a date.

Local community events

Schools often hold community events to raise money for the school. These events rely on families and community members to attend, in order to make money. While these events are often advertised to family members of students, community members are not notified enough. Digital signs for schools can inform other community members of an upcoming event, as they drive by the school. About 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined). Putting information about local community events on the electronic signs is a great way to expand fundraising efforts into the community. About 58% of poll respondents, 18 years and older learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard or sign.

Safety information

Schools are supposed to be a safe place for your child to expand their education. Awareness is important in promoting safety. This means that all parents are aware of safety rules, concerns, and tests. However, it is sometimes difficult to communicate these safety priorities to parents. School newsletters get skimmed over and then thrown out. Working parents may not have the time available to attend school safety meetings. LED signs, however, can inform parents of important safety messages. Safety information might include new school rules, safety meeting dates, or dedicated numbers to obtain additional safety information. It is also helpful to inform community members of safety rules regarding the school and the school playgrounds.

To advertise needs

Schools often fill open positions with parents or other community members. Posting a local job advertisement does not always return these specific employee candidates. Instead, digital LED business signs might be used to notify parents and community members of the new opening. It might also inform people of board membership meetings, or the need for new secretaries or organization leaders of after school programs. Digital signs for schools are a great way to advertise the needs of the school. Many parents will be willing to offer their services or apply for the open position.

Digital signs for schools are an effective method of communication. They inform parents of children and other local community members of upcoming events, school needs, and safety protocols. Digital signs are also very cost effective. The value of an on site sign is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads each year. Considering that schools are often on strict budgets, the digital LED signs are the best way to get across important messages.

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