Three Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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There are many advertising platforms examples now, and some of these platforms are significantly more effective than others. Professionals can find affordable digital marketing services today. There are digital marketing services that are both affordable and effective. Some customers will have to spend time researching these services in order to find everything they need.

Working with agency marketing services may already save multiple customers some time. These companies hire experienced digital marketing professionals. Many of the employees at an established digital marketing company will have accredited marketing certification qualifications. They’ll understand the industry, and they’ll see how the digital marketing landscape is changing.

Having a very thorough digital marketing strategy that involves multiple social media platforms can be valuable. Some potential customers will use more than one social media platform, while others will have a preferred platform that they access particularly frequently. The companies that use several platforms may become more visible online as a result. However, social media pages that are updated more frequently will get recommended more consistently as well. People sometimes ignore a social media page that only has a few posts, or that has no recent posts. Having an unfocused digital marketing strategy can work against some professionals.

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It’s synonymous with what people think of when the word marketing is mentioned, even though it has only developed within the last twenty years. The Internet has ushered in a new dimension for marketing, one that is built on words like “search engine optimization,” “landing page,” and “social media.”

Companies that are looking to make a foray into the digital marketing world will often be met by a list of demands that seem more prone to computer programmers than small business owners. A website, after all, needs code to function, and SEO (search engine optimization) requires a knowledge of how search engines work, rather than just an understanding of keywords.

For this reason, digital marketing companies have sprouted up to aid companies large and small in the a world–digital marketing–that requires specialization in many different areas. It, no doubt, has an impact. Here are some statistics in that regard:

  • In the next five years, companies will spend 75% of their marketing budget on the digital medium.
  • 80% of consumers do “a lot” of online research before major purchasing decisions.
  • 46% of consumers count on social media when making major purchasing decisions.

Here is a quick list of some of the major components of a digital marketing strategy.

The Website

A company’s website is the front line in the world of digital advertising. Once potential customers click on a social media link or a landing page, the first thing that will greet them is the front page of the website, which makes a lasting impression. 46% of people say that a website’s design is the number one factor in assessing a company’s credibility.

In addition, your website needs to load fast and tell the visitors quickly what you do when it does. 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. The bounce rate spikes to 100% after four seconds and up to 150% if a page takes eight seconds or more to load.

Social Media Marketing

This is the world that seems designed for the young. Facebook, Twitter, and more enable companies to get their message out there and build brand credibility through correct use of an online persona–tone, type of message, etc. But be forewarned:

While 87% of consumers say that online content has had a major or moderate impact on what products they select, 43% say that “blatantly self-promotional” content is a major turn off. For tips on how to be successful on social media, find some companies that are successful and see what they do.

Search Engine Optimization

A major piece of digital marketing strategy has to do with search engines. A great deal of online users start their online experience on a search engine–your Google, Firefox, or Chrome. And when they’re searching for a product, a quick two or three keywords will give them results–but maybe not yours. SEO is about increasing your standing on search engines so that more consumers can find you before your competitors.

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