Why LED Signs are Better than Social Media

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Even though it’s true that LED business signs do look cool, there are plenty of statistics for convincing you to invest in one over and beyond that. There is something to looking cool though. Not from the high school peer pressure point of view but from a business point of view. If you are cool you are in style, you are modern and keeping up with the times. That is a good reputation to have. However, in order to spend money on GSA LED signs and outdoor LED displays, there needs to be more than that. Here are a few reasons why you need to find an LED sign company to make you a GSA LED sign.

  1. More than 60% of potential customers will see the sign. GSA LED signs are very eye catching; much more so than printed ads and even more than some Internet marketing techniques. Newspaper ads are almost a thing of the past, no one pays attention to magazines that aren’t gossip columns, letters on bill boards are used for children’s games during road trips, the list goes on. However, LED signs aren’t like that. Studies show that people actually pay attention to LED signs. They are made to grab attention and pull people into your store. You just have to put up the right words to catch your target audience’s eye.

  2. More than 60% notice LED displays but actually more than 70% also notice them indirectly. It’s almost like a subconscious thing. To put that in perspective, only 45% of Facebook users inadvertently notice ads. So for all intents and purposes, using your GSA LED signs will reach out to over 25% more than the biggest social network in the entire world. That’s pretty significant.

  3. LED signs increase your brand awareness to almost 90%. This means that more people will recognize your brand and the more people that recognize you, the more likely they are to come in to your store. The displays that you put up inside your store are good and they have a purpose. Even the window banners can be helpful but there is something about LED signs that just get up the faces of passers by. When your brand is so obviously out there, it’s hard to miss and after repeated exposure every time they drive by, they’ll know where to find out as soon as they need you.

  4. One of the many great things about LED signs is that it makes waiting times easier for customers. If you are in a business where customers are required to wait for assistance, having LED signs act as a reassurance that they will be seen. The displays that you put up could express your appreciation for customers. They can refocus your customers as they are waiting for you and browsing your inventory.

  5. Believe it or not, there are studies that show that 40% of consumers would rather go to a store that has an LED display. This might not be a conscious decision but when asked point blank, that’s what they answered. LEDs can be either informative or entertaining or both. Having a static display that is traditional and boring is not going to keep the customer’s attention for very long. LEDs will make your business edgy and trendy and more popular than other organizations.

  6. It is a lot easier for people to order food if the drive through menus are LED signs. Customers know that the specials and time sensitive foods will be removed and added in a timely manner and it makes it better for ordering. There’s no “we aren’t serving breakfast right now” or “we don’t have that in stock” to deal with. Having a clear display will eliminate the confusion that can happen with things like that.

  7. One of the best elements that not many people realize about LED signs is that they are actually affordable. Even small business owners are able to afford this form of advertising. The reason being is that they will see an increase in business so the sign will end up paying for itself in no time. The potential return of investment on LED is higher than any other form of advertising.

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