4 Common Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems, Debunked

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A building fire sprinkler system is essential for a building to be safe and up to code. In the event of a fire, an automatic water sprayer system will activate and pump water through pipes and sprinkler heads in the ceiling to douse the flames. This fire suppression system can be triggered manually or automatically and helps ensure that the building isn’t a total loss in the event of a blaze.

There are many fire sprinkler companies that businesses can choose from when designing offices and other structures. While important, the company itself doesn’t matter as much as having a fire suppression system in place in general. Any automatic fire sprinkler company can supply a building with the necessary equipment to keep it safe.

Losing your home or business due to a fire can be devastating and traumatic. Of course, we want to protect our loved ones and our financial investments, but we may not be doing everything we can to prevent fires from occurring. One of the most effective fire protection methods includes the use of fire sprinkler systems. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about sprinkler systems that keep many homeowners and business owners from investing in them. The bottom line is that residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems can save lives. Don’t believe these five common myths about fire sprinkler systems and fire protection services:

Myth: Smoke alarms provide enough protection against fires

Smoke detectors can give you an early warning when it senses smoke or fire, but it can’t extinguish the flames. In addition, battery-operated detectors often malfunction due to dead batteries or removal. In truth, they don’t provide protection at all; they merely beep to let you know when a fire may occur. Fire protection systems that include sprinklers will shield people unable to escape and can help contain or put out a fire so that your property and possessions don’t sustain as much damage.

Myth: Sprinkler systems cause more damage from water than you’d ever sustain from a fire

Any water damage from a sprinkler system will be far less severe than water from a firefighting hose or damage from the actual fire itself. The water will also be much more contained with a sprinkler system. Most of the time, only the sprinkler closest to the fire source will be activated, which means the rest of your home or office will remain dry. Plus, it can control heat and smoke from the fire, thus limiting the damage the flames can do to the building. Fire departments will use up to 8.5 times more water to extinguish a fire than a sprinkler system. Overall, your best bet for keeping your belongings safe is a sprinkler system.

Myth: They may protect property, but they won’t save lives

Actually, studies have shown that in buildings will full sprinkler systems, no multiple life losses have been recorded. If you have sprinklers and a fire alarm system, you can reduce overall property damage, injuries, and loss of life by at least 50%. They’ll definitely protect your property, but they can also help contain a fire, protect older folks and children, and give them a better chance of making it to safety.

Myth: Newer homes and buildings are much safer, so they don’t need sprinkler systems

The age of a home or building is not a good indicator of how fire-safe it is. Outdated electrical wiring is often found in older homes, and that can pose a fire hazard. Other than that, a home’s age has no relevance to fire safety. In fact, newer construction methods can have a negative impact on occupant and firefighter safety when a fire occurs. Lightweight wood and engineered lumber can actually spread fires much more quickly than anticipated, which puts firefighters in danger. And those open floor plans that families love can also cause fires to spread at a rapid rate. Because these lightweight construction methods are used in an estimated 50% or more of new single- or two-family homes today, sprinkler systems are a vital component of any fire protection system in new construction.

You can buy fire sprinkler heads from many licensed companies as well, if you prefer a more do-it-yourself approach to your fire safety. However you might choose to go about it, having a working fire sprinkler system is one of the more important steps in making sure a building is safe, secure, and ready for the public.

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