Tips for Protecting Your Customer’s Confidential Information

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The proper storage and shredding of customer information and documents is a very important, yet undervalued part of any business. When a business does a transaction with a customer, they are promising to properly dispose of their confidential information. This might include their name, birthdate, credit card information and address. In some situations, even more confidential of information might be used, such as social security number and driver?s license number. In fact, a business can be punished and fined if they do not properly dispose of their customer?s confidential information, and that information is then exposed.

Larger businesses that have access to thousands of customer?s information may contract a professional document storage company or document shredding service. Smaller to medium sized businesses may not have enough documents to be professionally stored or shredded and may be more at risk of exposing their customer?s confidential information. Smaller and medium sized businesses need to ensure that they properly handle and then dispose of all of their customer?s information.

A large fine to a smaller to medium sized business could actually cause a business of this size to go out of business. Sub contracting a document storage company or a hard drive shredder company can ensure that the information is handled properly and that customers are not at risk.

There are some types of businesses that need to take extra care when it comes to customer?s information. These types of businesses include medical offices, law offices and banking institutions. Doctors and health insurance providers are legally tasked with document shredding duties. Because their patients? and clients? information is so sensitive, state and federal laws dictate that all medical organization has comprehensive data destruction plans. These types of businesses could find themselves with huge fines if they do not have a good document storage company.

In most types of businesses, paper shredding is needed. Even with the advances of technology and the increase in computer usage, much of the world?s information is still on paper. It is estimated that 95% of business information is still stored on paper. Paper is easier for criminals and thieves to gain access to. However, if a business is able to move to a professional document storage company, they will find a reduction in identity theft cases. They will also find that Chicago shredding services can free up valuable space in their office. Shredding paper can save valuable office space, as well as reduce the risk of fires.

Document shredding companies can be very valuable for small to medium sized businesses. Obviously, they can provide many benefits for larger companies as well, but these companies tend to have their own document shredding and hard drive destruction services on sight or in the office. Smaller to medium sized businesses may not have the necessary resources to have this specialized department. However, contracting the services to a professional company that is used to the appropriate methods for proper shredding can actually ensure more confidentiality and security.

There are many businesses that have access to a lot of customer?s confidential information. This information might include things like name, birthdate, social security number and address. It could also include credit card information, as many transactions take place over the internet in a card not present type of transaction. Additionally, much of the world?s information is still stored on paper today. Proper document shredding and document storage companies are needed to protect this information. A business that does not take the necessary steps to protect this information will be fined and possibly closed down. It is very important to ensure that customer?s information is always secure and that is stays confidential.

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