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For businesses small and large, from mom-and-pop stores to global corporations, a company website is an opportunity to showcase the services or products that a company is delivering. The importance of a company website that is well-designed and enforces credibility for the company is growing in today’s landscape.

According to Internet World Stats, there were approximately 320 million Internet users for June of 2016 and numerous sources show that a search engine, whether it’s Google or Mozilla or another, is the first point of contact users have with Internet. A quick search for a product and a list of websites and Internet advertisements come up.

There are numerous avenues a company can take to take advantage of the increased importance of a credible Internet presence, all of which fall under the category of internet marketing.

One internet marketing avenue is pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising is when a company enters into an agreement with a “publisher” (often a search engine like Google or a content website). The publisher then runs an ad for the company, charging when an Internet user clicks the ad and lands on the company’s page.

In some cases, the publisher will charge a fixed cost for the user “click” but sometimes companies are required to bid on key words, which enable your ad to be in better position when someone types in a phrase related to your company or your products.

But online marketing isn’t as simple as getting users to click on your ads. The real key is after they click and that’s where web design comes in. Web design can seem daunting for many smaller companies who may not have a specific department to handle the online presence of the company. Early in the ’90s, websites were coded by hand using HTML. While more complex versions of the code are used, the presentation has changed dramatically.

Web development and developing a credible and professional online presence can demand many different parts:

  • Developing an attractive and pleasing color scheme
  • Creating an online logo and banners while using a professional font type
  • Making the site easy to navigate for users
  • Having content on the site to give users and idea of the human side to the business

There are many others as well. For assistance with these tasks, whether web design or pay per click advertising, companies that specialize in web development services and keyword marketing can help.

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