Three Ways To Attract The Best Millennial Employees


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Talent acquisition and retention are two of the major problems that companies are facing in 2016, particularly as they struggle to adapt to the needs of the new millennial workforce. Over half of all companies admit to having trouble keeping their top talent. Executive HR search firms and other human resource staffing services are helping businesses adjust to the evolving recruitment process by addressing what young employees are now expecting from a company. Here are three ways your business can attract the best millennial employees:

Allow for a flexible work schedule.

The days of a standard 9-5 office job are long past. Employees now want to be able to work flexible hours and, in particular, the option to work remotely if possible. Increased vacation time or sick leave is also key in letting your young employees feel like you care about their work life balance. Human resources executive search firms report that freedom is one of the biggest things their clients are looking for in a job.

Offer extracurricular activities and perks.

Companies like Google and Facebook do this exceptionally well. By providing perks like a stocked kitchen or private gym, employees are more inclined to work hard and stay with your company. Outside of work activities like a company kickball team or weekly happy hours is also a good way to encourage socialization and employee bonding. It’s all about building a welcoming, fun work environment.

Appeal to their personal values.

Millennials, more than any other generation, are motivated primarily by their heart and by feeling connected to a company’s cause. They want to be passionate about what they’re doing so make sure your company has some sort of added value whether it be through environmental initiatives or corporate social responsibility.

Regardless of how you decide to cater to the needs of millennial workers, it is an essential part of winning the “talent war”. Services like executive hr search firms can help you remain competitive in the job market and ensure that the top employees choose to come work for you instead of another company. The workforce is constantly changing and keeping up can be a struggle for any company. Appeal to the millennials and you improve your chances of success in creating a hard working, loyal employee base.

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