Keeping Your Air Clean at Work Industrial Fans and How they Work

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Industrial ventilation is a much needed method that controls the amount of toxins and vapors that workers are exposed to on a daily basis. A good industrial exhaust fan will actually direct the contaminated air away from the area and replace it with clean air. It is extremely important to make sure that the building has proper ventilation because of all the fumes and toxins that can build up in an enclosed area. Ideally, one whole side of the building would be able to open like a garage but that is not always feasible in a warehouse or factory setting so you must have efficient ventilation to keep your workers safe. It may seem, at first like the cost of running a top of the line ventilation system is unnecessary but if you could take a real look at what the naked eye can not see, you would realize it’s worth it. Just a few breaths of fumes or toxins can be detrimental to someone’s health and if it doesn’t kill them, could cause respiratory problems for the rest of their lives.

Now that we understand a little bit better about why it is so important to breathe clean air in the industrial realm, let’s take a look at the different types of ventilation that are available.

There are three main types of industrial ventilation.

  1. Air quality ventilation.
    This is usually used indoors in order to provide clean air, heated or cooled, to the building within the HVAC system.
  2. Dilution ventilation
    This is when the contaminated air is diluted by allowing clean air to essentially, blow out the dirty air.
  3. Exhaust ventilation
    This kind captures the dirty emissions near the source and propels them outside.

The two main types that are used in the industrial field are dilution and exhaust.

Dilution Ventilation
The benefits to having this type of ventilation in your work place are that the equipment and installation cost less and require less maintenance than other kinds. It is very effective in controlling smaller amounts of toxic chemicals as well as flammable gases or vapors.

However, a dilution ventilation system not completely remove all the contamination and so is not very effective for highly toxic chemicals. It is also not very good for dust or metal fumes as well as irregular emissions like surges of gas.

Exhaust Ventilation Having an industrial exhaust fan does capture the contaminants right at, or at least near the source, causing the system to use less energy. It also can handle pretty much all fumes, dusts and highly toxic chemicals.

On the other hand, an industrial exhaust fan can cost quite a big more than another system and requires a lot of cleaning and regular maintenance.

The Backbone of the Industrial Ventilation System: Fans
Fans really are the main component to any exhaust ventilation system, especially industrial. You have to make sure that the size and type are correct in order for the system to function effectively. A good industrial exhaust fan will have enough suction to capture any contaminants and pull it through the ducting to the outdoors.

Axial fans are more like propellers and exhaust the air straight through the fan while centrifugal fans are like cages and exhaust the air at a 90 degree angle. These are the most commonly used fans for industrial ventilation systems.

Many workers comp and such issues can be avoided by having the correct ventilation system in place. Have it regularly checked and maintained to ensure that it is properly functioning at all times. Always bring in a professional to do the regular maintenance and never try to do it yourself. If you have to set it apart in the budget, do it. It is worth it to make sure that everything in breathing clean air and there is no risk of making anyone sick.

Hopefully this article has helped you realize the gravity of not having clean air and will encourage you to check your current systems and make sure everything is up to par and functioning efficiently.

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