3 Things to Consider About Your Medical Marijuana Business


Medical marijuana cultivation

Choosing to own a medical marijuana business is a big move, and one that takes a lot of planning on your part. Not only do you have to deal with the normal stress of owning a business, but you also need to take legal issues into account when making your decisions. Read on for a few things you should be considering.


This refers not only to legal issues, but also to public favor. Currently, there are 23 states, plus the District of Columbia, which allow medical marijuana. So obviously, these are your options in terms of legality. But past that, you should also be looking into where you will have the most favorable public surrounding you. While 76% of doctors now approve the use of medical marijuana and 92% of patients believe it works, that doesn’t mean everyone agrees, and you need to factor that in.

Medical Marijuana Marketing

Medical marijuana marketing can be difficult, because depending on where you are, laws are different. They may ban or advise against certain ads and such, which you need to factor into your planning. You don’t want to make any enemies, or even worse, lose your business license, over something you should have done research on in the first place.

Business Partnerships

You need to make sure that you are putting yourself and your business in a place where you will have enough business partners to run. This means that if you are cannabis consultants, you have access to dispensaries, doctors, and others in the field. Without making those connections, you aren’t providing any marijuana investment opportunities and you wont last very long in the market.

Are you considering opening a business for some type of cannabis consulting? Have you been considering these issues as you get your plans in place?

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