Need Help Starting a Medical Marijuana Business? Ask This Lesbian Couple

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Medical marijuana propagation

Starting a medical marijuana business is the dream of many young entrepreneurs in this country today. Recent changes to state laws have made it much easier to acquire marijuana business licenses and open your own dispensary or cannabis cultivation business plan. In total 23 states currently allow medical marijuana. Now the only issue for many hopeful cannabis consultants is a potentially overcrowded marketplace.

That’s where wives Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins come in. Along with financial support from other investors the lesbian couple has provided over $10 million to innovative entrepreneurs starting a medical marijuana business and more, according to the LGBTI news site

The wives have already finished filming the first season of their Shark Tank-esque marijuana investment show, appropriately titled The Marijuana Show, and have just begun work on season two. The two are convinced cannabis business development is the new frontier for economic growth and opportunity.

“If you want to get into a business more lucrative than any other right now, it?s cannabis,” Robbins said.

One of the contestants for season two is Brian Dietzen. His business involves making car bodies out of hemp. Luke Johnson is another who wants to farm cannabis oil specifically for medicinal use, something 76% of doctors agree with and approve of.

“The farm will be cultivating 137-acres of CBD-rich non-psychoactive cannabis,” Johnson said. “I?m definitely excited. I hope we can work out a deal and mostly looking forward to just trying to help as many people as we possibly can.”

The lady’s in charge of it all have had very successful careers without starting a medical marijuana business, but see it as a good business investment and the all-around right direction for the country to move as currently only 6% of studies on marijuana analyze its medicinal properties.

“We believe that cannabis and hemp should be legal internationally,” Robbins said. “No one should go to prison for a plant! Anything made of plastic could be made from hemp, which is sustainable, grows fast and is stronger then steel! In the U.S., cannabis is schedule 1 meaning there is no medical benefit and that makes no sense ? it?s a lie.” More research here.

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