Renting A Commercial Warehouse What To Know


Finding a warehouse to rent

It’s extremely exciting to embark on a new business venture. A new business, whether you plan on it being small or eventually expanding, is a fresh start for all involved. However, when considering the practicalities one of the biggest issues for a business … especially one that involves mass production … is space. In fact, the demand for storage space alone grows by 7% each year. The search for commercial warehousing may seem intimidating at first, but the right preparation makes it simple to accomplish.

Determining Warehouse Space Needs

Before renting a warehouse, you should know exactly what you need it for, and what specifications are required. Expect the dimensions to be fairly broad; it’s expected that retailers online and offline will require a combined 25 million square meters in extra space within the next five years to store and handle product. There are plenty of business … specific requirements to keep in mind as well. For example, if your product is perishable, you’ll want commercial warehousing equipped with or capable of holding refrigeration systems. Those looking to actually create product within their space may need manufacturing warehouse space.

Save Money Wherever You Can

When leasing commercial warehousing, it’s quite possible that you can cut a deal with the owners and end up with very good rates. However, you may also wish to find other ways to cut costs. For example, it can be possible for you to find space that is energy … efficient. With electrical lighting using up 40% of the energy used up by energy, properly using that energy is vital to keeping costs low. The money you save in keeping up you commercial warehouse can be invested in sustaining your business!

Remember Your Employees

Once you’re ready to search for a warehouse, you’re likely past the point wherein your business can be upheld by you and you alone. If you’ve already hired a staff of employees, remember them when choosing your warehouse … and if you’ve yet to hire them, think of them still! Make sure that your warehouse can maintain temperatures not too cold or too hot for those working there. Better yet, see if you can have it inspected before you sign the least, ensuring the safety of you and your employees. The last thing you would want is anyone getting hurt or sick due to poor construction or improper insulation.

Build A Relationship With The Owners

It’s important to remember that being a good tenant is in your best interest. Should you need more space in the future, the same warehouse owners may be able to provide it. Some have even been able to work out rent to own agreements with their leaseholders — and above all, remain aware that the future of your business depends on your responsibility.

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