Hawaiian Restaurateur Uses Common Office Supplies to Create Award-Winning Business Empire

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For many people across the United States, supplies like cheap ring binders, cheap bubble mailers and printable sticker labels are a cost-effective way to stay organized and plan a variety of events. However, for one Hawaiian businessman, these common office supplies are an important resource that have helped shape his enviable career. In fact, when Rick Tanaka was recently honored with the Hogan Lifetime Achievement Award at Chaminade University, speakers paid special attention to the way he organizes his business to not only take care of practical matters but also pay special attention to those around him.

The owner of the famous Hawaiian restaurant Tanaka of Tokyo, Rick Tanaka has become known for treating every diner like an honored guest. This dedication to quality and experience has resulted in a number of awards, from being rated the best Japanese restaurant in Hawaii to offering the best kid’s men in America. However, few people seem to know how Tanaka succeeds in creating a consistent, high-quality experience at his businesses. When he was inducted into the 14th class of Hogan entrepreneurs at Chaminade University, the University President, Bernie Ploeger, and Program Director, Dr. John Webster, attributed this to his scrupulous care, discipline and personal values, which are expressed through his ability to organize seemingly every last detail. Both commented that Tanaka always made follow-up calls after they took guests to his restaurant, in which he seemed to have been fully briefed by his staff on every aspect of their visit and ensured that their expectations had been met. This attention to detail reportedly carries over to the training Chaminade University students receive as interns at his restaurants: every student receives a D ring binder filled with detailed instructions for every day of their internship, exposing them to all aspects of the business. With the level of success Tanaka has been able to reach, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn he buys bulk 3 ring binders to organize every aspect of his business!

Created by Ed and Lynn Hogan of the Hogan Family Foundation, the Hogan Lifetime Achievement Award is designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage a more productive and contributory society. Get started on your own entrepreneurial efforts today: buy some bulk 3 ring binders and started organizing!

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