Having Trouble Getting Organized? Start With This

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If you feel like your life doesn’t have the order and organization you require to succeed, there are lots of things you can do to kick into high gear. A lifestyle revamp can be as simple as a few habit changes, and a conscious choice to get organized is the first step. Here are just a few things you can do to get control of your life, and feel better about your space.

Sort your office – If you start to get piles of junk mail and bills on your desk, it can overwhelm your space and make it feel more cluttered. Sort your mail using bubble mailers, and get your bills in order using 3 ring binders and numbered dividers. (Tip: use the numbered dividers to sort when certain bills are due, or which category they fall in.) To sort the mess of cables that can happen behind your computer, use small binder rings to separate them, and laser printer labels to– you guessed it– label them!

Sort your clothes – Part of your problem may be an excess of dirty or clean laundry, which can be a simple fix. Find all the things you haven’t worn in the last year, add all the clothes that don’t fit, and get rid of them. Donate them to a local clothing donation center, where you’ll be able to help someone in need while you declutter your closet.

Sort your calendar – Having all of your upcoming events in one place can help you to organize your mental timeline. Eliminating the extra chance of forgetting will help you to build reliable habits, while making you more punctual to boot. Being diligent about recording your scheduled obligations will save you from a lot of sticky situations with work and family, too.

So don’t wait to turn your life around today. Get started, get organized, and get in control!

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