Three Must-Read Tips on Choosing the Right Server Rack Enclosures for Your IT Needs

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19 inch server rack

Businesses today don’t only rely on computers for each employee. All of the information that these companies process and the databases that they need require servers for storage and essential services. These services are used by small and large networks dedicated to either public users on the internet or a private organization or corporation. They are essential for day-to-day tasks, and without them, most businesses would cease operation.

But not only are the servers themselves important. Business also need to take into account how these machines are stored. Most companies use server rack cabinets and cases to safely enclose these systems. If you are looking for new solutions for your servers, here are three questions to ask yourself before selecting server rack enclosures for your company:

    1. How much space should my server rack enclosures offer? Server racks are typically made to store servers of specific sizes. As a result, expanding those server racks later on can be difficult without proper planning. If you think you may have to swap out server racks later, look for enclosures with adjustable server rack shelves.

    2. Is my server room an ideal environment? Ideally, servers should be kept in what is known as a clean room, which is a sterile, air-conditioned environment that is meant to be kept dust-free. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the capability to keep their servers in such a space — or they simply don’t have room for large servers. When selecting server enclosure cabinets, make sure to choose an option that will take up the least amount of floor space. If your server space doesn’t have adequate air conditioning, make sure to select an enclosure that will provide good ventilation.

    3. What needs will I have for my servers in the future? As anyone who works in IT knows, computer systems change on a regular basis. Consequently, your computing needs will change over time to allow for greater server capacity or more power. Server enclosures are a considerable investment, so it may be wise to plan for the future when you order them. Even if you’re just thinking about the near future and not ten years down the road, consider how much server space you might need in a few months or in the next couple of years. If you see your business’s operations expanding, think about choosing server rack enclosures that offer additional space.

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