How to Skip the Classifieds and Hire a Great Sales Rep

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When you’re looking for solid sales reps to fill different types of sales jobs at your company, your first impulse might be to slap an ad on craigslist or in your local newspaper’s classified section. But there are better ways to go about hiring sales people. Here are a few things you should try before you post to a job board:

  • Search Internally First

    Post the job internally before you extend it to people outside the company. Chances are you have lower paid employees in support, administration, IT and operations who’d love to take a shot at sales. Hiring sales people internally can also boost morale, since your employees will see that you considered them first and that they have mobility in the company.
  • Take Employee Referrals

    Everyone’s got a friend who’s looking for a job, so ask your employees if they can make any recommendations. Chances are your employees will be friends with the types of people who share their values and, occasionally, their skill sets. Hiring sales people who are friends with existing sales people can also boost team cooperation, since there’s already a relationship.
  • Call on Your Network

    Talk to suppliers, colleagues, customers and friends to see if they know anyone who’s looking for a job in sales. Asking around is often cheaper and quicker than sending out a job posting, and you’ll usually come across people who are more reliable since a friend was willing to vouch for them.
  • Contact Professional Recruiters or Headhunters

    Sales recruitment agencies and professional sales associations will often be able to connect you to great sales people who have already been vetted for efficiency and reliability. Headhunters cost a little more, but if you’re really struggling to find reliable sales people, it might be worth it.
  • Contact a Local College

    Recent graduates are having trouble finding jobs, which means there’s a vast pool of educated talent just waiting for you. Get in touch with a local college and see if you can snap up some enthusiastic young hires.

If you’ve exhausted all of those options, you can consider a job posting, but chances are you’ll already have found a great new sales rep.

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