How to Establish Yourself as a Sales Team Leader

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At some point in the trajectory of a successful sales career path, successful sales reps will be asked to step up as sales leaders. While sales jobs that involve leadership can be rewarding, they can also be tricky. So what can you do to make sure that you’re the best sales leader you can be?

You can start by with the metrics you use to mark progress. Chances are you’ve inherited some kind of result reporting system, but if it’s just a page of numbers, it’s unlikely your sales people are getting much out of it. Try to create a metric that reflects when certain results are or goals achieved. These will help your employees look forward to what they can do tomorrow rather than fretting over what they did yesterday.

You should also try to develop talent in your team and coach your reps. Many sales leaders who don’t stand out tend to ignore the sales reps that work under them. Cultivating talent and helping your team members succeed is what will set you apart. Try to focus on the members of your team just as much as you focus on personal sales numbers, if not more.

A rep with a successful sales career won’t get very far if they can’t manage a team, after all. Motivate your team with rewards and recognition whenever you can. Sales can be a high-pressure and thankless job and it always feels nice to know that your efforts don’t go unnoticed. A good sales leader knows when to reward their team and how to reward them. Put a consistent system for rewarding your reps in place and come up with a prize that will really get them excited.

A good sales leader should also have a solid understanding of where they stand in the sales process. Different leaders approach their role on the team in different ways. Whatever role you settle on, make sure you perform it consistently and communicate it clearly to your team.

Stay smart, creative and focused and your sales career should remain on track.

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